100 images of Ezio Auditore in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood [86/100]
What is your relationship with Emilie?

{ ˎ٨ˏ } —; ❝My relationship with Emilie— is nonexistent. It is neither here nor there, and there is nothing of apparent worth to note. She is company I would rather make scarce than often have in my presence. A French nuisance, we are no more allies than the dirt is to the sky and water is to oil. Truly, I have no reason to remain speaking to her, but I see her as a parasitic leech that would be near impossible to rid myself of.❞

{ ˎ٨ˏ — Honest talk here. Putting it beneath a cut, though, so my bitching isn’t a cluttered mass on dashes.

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+ confortare-ultorem came to the Brotherhood


 {{ — ♔ — }} I assume you’ve seen to our prisoner? I tried a humane approach earlier to no avail; did you have any luck? We must see to it that we get what we can from him, and as soon as possible.


{ ˎ٨ˏ } —; ❝—feel as if a humane approach of my own attempt would avail to no notable result. You know as well as I that these are a type prone to an unfortunate resistance. However, I haven’t an opportunity to encounter him as of now, having had other business to attend to; your assumption is incorrect, for once. I shall see to it to attend to him soon, you have my word.❞



 The corners of her mouth turning up in a sweet smile, a rarity to her as she always kept them with a sly edge. Not this time, a certain gentleness of knowing held on her mind. She’d know an overworked man when she saw one, and he was having more than he could handle. Respecting the hard bearings he must have, she plucked on of her favorites out of the bundle in her arms, a simple white flower in full bloom, multiple petals spread from its yellow center. Settling the others aside, she approached with a lowered head, her movements slow and easy.

                          ” Only a wish for a good night. “

            Taking his hand, she curled his fingers around the stem of the plant, soft lips placed onto his cheek. She’d want no more from his already busy mind, only the ability to know that she worried for him, knowing how often he’d gone through sleepless days and nights. She only wanted his mind to be free of burdens for a moment.

{ ˎ٨ˏ } —; ❝—A wish for a good night?

   Flowers were a peculiar gift to provide to a man as he and to pass in full confidence that they are deserved and would be well received. He had been taught from a young age that items of which another gives you in the light of a present are things to be cherished and held in a certain revered appreciation; a thought he readily called upon as hazel optics dropped downwards, ignoring from now the soft lips which had touched upon his whiskered cheek in favor of an almost silent study. Anne Bonny had become a woman he long grew used to the presence of, but as of late— their relationship seemed to strain, swaying and splintering beneath the weight of too many arguments and conflicts and too little resolve and peace. It is an idea which causes no amount of comfort, but it is also one he (unfortunately) grew to accept. He was sure the Irishwoman felt little desire to remain in his homeland for very much longer, and felt confident in the inevitability that she would simply pack up and leave on a whim. His distance, although relatively unconscious, could be a mechanism of coping, of gradual acceptance at the possibility. But, it is something he would rather avoid paying any considerable amount of mind to, especially in the light of this gift. This…flower.

   His brows found themselves furrowing downwards, marred lips following in a pattern much the same. An approach from her is unusual nowadays at best, and the direct speech coupled with providing of contribution of a shoot even more so. But he questioned it not, instead allowing expression to convey unspoken investigation.



 Though her movement proved unable to silence even with provided effort, she was trying her hardest to keep from alerting him. A day outside had provided her with the proper restraints of her usual outbursts, far too tired to give him words of her mind, she simply held the bundle of various wild flowers closer. Her time with the girls of the brothel proved more than satisfactory when it came to showing them how to be women of their own, and teaching the braver lessons of various curses towards men, while they showed her how to be a woman again, as she’d grown so used to the company of the other gender.

                             ” — Only a moment, I’ll keep m’ silence. “

{ ˎ٨ˏ } —; Patience seemed to be running thin within him in the days of late. Perhaps it was as a result to the rather weighted workload he’d recently accepted for himself in the desire to alleviate the stress of those kept beneath the tutelage of his wing, or perhaps it was due to matters of a different sort yet undiscovered by those who were no himself. He had little time for allies and friends, and little time for all of the interactions they often ushered forth with their arrival. Conversation, preoccupation, and amusement were pleasures of human interaction he had not felt in the time of days, of weeks. There is no blame to be put on anyone but himself—he consciously made the decision to further bear upon his own shoulders, after all. An unfortunate thing, but than again, leaders of their kind never quite were the kind to excuse themselves from labor due to position. He doesn’t mean to be short with those dear to him, but it couldn’t be helped.

       A sigh. ❝And what would that moment entail, Anne?❞

                                      I will not hope for 
                                                                                 your ᴅᴏᴡɴғᴀʟʟ;
                                                —— I  will  e n s u r e  it.

{ ˎ٨ˏ } —; It seems to be the evening which offers to him the most peace of mind and the blessed opportunity to allow himself, even if only for the briefest moment, the pleasure of relaxation. ——To be interrupted, however, subtracted from full possibility that idea.

   ❝—I would appreciate it if you vacated yourself from my vicinity.❞

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Tana French, In the Woods


                                                         that’s all you’ll ever be.



      ; — Leather-padded footfalls remained equally silent across terracotta tiles, perhaps a force of habit anymore. Yet, his gaze remained ahead, unconcerned with surroundings as instinct would alarm him of potential danger, thus no words passed his lips. Perhaps the only thing that made a whisper of sound were the folds of his heavy cloak that draped easily to conceal his form.
     Little real thought is spared towards the Italian any longer — already the man had agreed to go upon this seemingly mindless trip with him, and that was all that mattered. As far as he was concerned, the true intent of this was clear long ago and he hadn’t any reason to conceal it. This was beneficial towards the both of them — as they could gain a measure of each other’s skills at long last.

     And at last, the opportunity provided itself as he heard a shout several minutes later, directed at the two figures easily crossing the rooftops. Hardly a threat, truly. The human paused, only casting a seemingly disinterested yet dangerous glare at the guard telling them to get down on threat of their lives. What backwards logic, truly, for what was the purpose of guarding rooftops anyways?
— yet, when an arrow skipped by the tiles between the two, he understood the following shout was to summon reinforcements. 

                           Satisfied, not yet — amused… perhaps}

{ ˎ٨ˏ } —; He was sure that Artemis understood the weight behind presented threat—guards, for all of their lacking in brilliance they seemed to possess a majority of the time, put forth their own weighted threat. Yet, for those capable of handling such an issue, they were little more than exercise, little more than practice. Which, he holds hope within, that his companion understands

   —But Artemis, for all of his aggravating quirks and mannerisms, is an intelligent man. Even Ezio, with their bickering and butting of heads, would hardly believe it wise to deny that. It is common grounds he’s sure they can both agree upon, or at least, hopes that the Calim man would. It is with desire that thought grew, for one does not become the leader of the elite without having their own amount of brilliance.

   As such, anatomy drew to a pause as curious hazel optics roved to land upon their assailants, his lips doing all they could to not break into the formation of a wide grin. Ah, their fun—so it begins.

we fight or we die.



     {  ; — For all he knew, it would have taken the Italian assassin only a minute or two to prepare himself, for the obvious was that the man ran a whole guild of assassins with himself in the field quite often. He had to be ready at any moment’s notice. So Entreri returned to his room, taking his own sweet time as he strapped the rest of his leather armor on, as well as a few well-concealed blades — and lastly, his cloak.
     He had yet to really adapt to any of the clothing or armor of this city to blend in, and therefore hadn’t been out as often as he preferred, though he had pickpocketed a large sum of florins in that small amount of time. 

     Silent and skilled footfalls led the way back to the main hall where he knew Ezio was ready. Without any further exchange of conversation, he only nodded. He was ready to go, willing to lead the way should he be able to — made evident as he already headed for the entrance. Eagerness, perhaps?
     Nonetheless, the Calim assassin breathed in the cool night air, pausing for a moment before scampering up to a rooftop, any assassin’s choice of travel if they were able. 


{ ˎ٨ˏ } —; It was with little present resistance that the Italian followed suit of the Calim man’s path, hazel optics set upon a form that had became increasingly familiar throughout varied interactions. It was, over all, a curious thought—that Artemis may want him to come along. He has no doubt that he has his alternative motives for doing so, but would rather not think of their possibilities. To gauge, perhaps. To size him up. It is, most likely, the obvious course and thought of action for one to assume, especially in the consideration that Artemis, for all their eased interactions as of late, most likely still views him as someone who is a potential threat to well-being and business.

   But, with all its worth, speech was not something he divulged within—rather, the course of action he decided upon was that of silence and observation, his scarred brims quirking into the beginnings of a smirk.

           Comedic. The thought that he may be going out for the purpose of being sized up.
                                     He could only hope that Artemis is s a t i s f i e d.