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As some of you may have noticed, I was gone for quite a long time, but as Altair went back to reclaim Masyaf I have thus come back to reclaim this blog. Surprisingly enough, I maintained my followers and even gained a few new faces — in short, I now have 300 followers, and to celebrate that and my return I shall carry out a small giveaway.

Everyone is permitted one like and two reblogs. Followers & RP blogs only. Ends tomorrow morning at 5 am EST, so I can select winners before I go to school. Winners will be selected by random number generator. Good luck!

There will be three tiers of prizes: Mentor, Master Assassin, and Novice. 

  • Mentor will contain 30 icons (15 regular, 15 gif), a promo graphic (animated or plain), a status photoset (online,offline,mobile/lurking), a chibi of their muse, a playlist based off their muse (otherwise can be discussed), and their choice of either a promo on my blog or a blog review. 
  • Master Assassin will contain 20 icons (10 plain, 10 gif), a promo graphic (animated or plain), a photoset based off their character or topic of choosing, a chibi of their muse, a playlist based off their muse (can be discussed), and their choice of either a promo on my blog or a blog review.
  • Novice will contain 10 icons (5 plain, 5 gif), a promo graphic (animated or plain), a quote photoset, a chibi of their muse, a playlist based off their muse (can be discussed), and their choice of either a promo on my blog or a blog review.

And that’s about it. Winners will be picked tomorrow morning! Thank you for enabling me to continue this blog by sticking with me through these rough times. 

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Times like this make me wish I knew Arabic so I could give my thanks in the tone of Altair, but I don’t so instead have Altair’s own words: 

I do not care for speeches, for acknowledgements that make others proud and arrogant in their ways, because we are modest and should not care for the approval of others. As long as we know what it is right then that is all that matters.

Even so, our moral has been depleted, our pride beaten down, and it is time that we know ourselves and others for the good deeds done so we may continue as a unit of power and peace. As mentor of this order I take it upon myself to acknowledge my assassins for what they have done, to commend them and ask that they continue their work as they have done in the past.

Above all else, I must thank you for your cooperation, loyalty, and ambition. If I am to be honest I must confess that I am everyday proud of this order and what it has come to mean. I have watched many of you grow from novice to master, from ignorant to wise, and from uncaring to passionate. Even enemies within our ranks, and of course my fellow assassins. Thank you for keeping the Assassins alive.

I know that was cheesy and kind of dumb but Altair wanted to say some words about his assassins — you guys — and I thought it necessary enough, because though a mun can be grateful a muse can be too. And we’re both very grateful.

Anyway, I’d like to now acknowledge those who have made this blog possible, and have helped me to understand and develop Altair and the Assassins. 

MENTORS ;; These are the people who I look up to and/or have helped develop Altair into the character he is today. I am proud to say none of them share the outcome of Altair’s relationship with Al Mualim. Hover over the ;; for a special message!

;; prxphet, ;; wasthatnotprocedure, ;; aetxs

MASTER ASSASSINS ;; These are the people who I enjoy writing with and have become great friends of mine or Altair. You make running this blog enjoyable, and I thank you for sticking with me through all my shit.

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TEMPLARS ;; These are the folks who I keep closer than my friends, because they’re my besties and I adore them. They’re the reasons I keep coming back for more, the reason I’m still here; like the Templars to the Assassins, they’re my motivation and the reason I do what I do. Thanks you guys! Hover over the ;; for a special message!

;; purevibranium, ;; thedarkempath, ;; jenniferjareaufbi, ;; my-name-is-not-agent

NOVICES ;; I don’t mean it unkindly. Rather, I mean it as you are new to me and thus I wish to learn more about you. I see you on my dash and I think you’re great. Keep doing what you do, and maybe someday I’ll be cool enough to ‘train’ with you.

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PEOPLE OF MASYAF ;; This category goes to everyone who follows me and wasn’t mentioned. I adore you because you support me, because everyday I see that follower count and understand that you’ve put faith in me as Altair, that you enjoy some aspect of my blog, and that makes me feel good. Simply, thank you for following me.

That’s it! Once more, thank you for following!

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Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember… 
Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember…

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I remember cheering from towers,
A face is smiling in the light;
I remember the bells, the flowers,
Those days are dying in the dark.

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                                              ❝dilseachdloyalty; gaelic.
                                         dachaighfiosan dèidhiomradh.

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                        the eagle watches  sharply  from  his  perch, amber
                        eyes flickering  with  mild  curiosity  amid  the  cautious
                        tones. he  suppresses  the  urge to  leap in and  press
                        his blade against the other’s throat in order to threaten
                        and   interrogate.  the  urge  tugs  at  his  instincts,  but
                        altaïr remains steadfast, simply observing.

                                    the white robes  made  the  man a Brother,
                                    but in an unfamiliar place, one could never
                                    be too cautious.


                                                            ˎ٨ˏ —;;
 was no unfamiliar stranger in the eyes of the
                Italian as much as death was not. Ezio, for all it was worth,
                often felt the weight of another’s gaze upon him whether it be
                ally or enemy. And although he may be distant in his
                approach, the Auditore patriarch could not help the rotation
                of belfry. His hazel gaze peered upwards, searched in quiet
                curiosity from pause in documentation’s study, marred tiers
                tugging into slope ever gently downwards. Vision’s aid was
                not required ( at leastnot yet ).

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O Death :: Jen Titus

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etichette:   ˎ٨ˏ ;musica.


reminder that if i am not active here, i most likely am herehere, or here. they are in order of the most likely place i’d be otherwise.

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       the careful contrast of alabaster and crimson draws him to languid eves upon a watercolor of a horizon, meal in hand, bloodied and recovered arrows bundled in the thick of the other. he blinks, images shuddering from peripheral memory vision and current surroundings gradually solidifying.  ” you, too, then— “  it is the outfit that would tell him as much; not the presumed demeanor or the appearance of the man ‘neath the garb. 

                                                            ˎ٨ˏ —;;
❞ Response muffled by vestiges of uncertainty befell parted
                tiers, a gaze of hazel hue carding ‘cross new found companion’s
                broad form. He was a foreigner in strange land; one who did not
                belong among the colonial establishments despite it all. His
                home lay across vast sea, enshrouded in turmoil of its own
                perplexing right. It was by, quite admittedly, sheer luck he
                chanced upon another of the creed; lost among the taciturn
                timber. He’d no doubt he appeared to be out of his element ( an
                unfortunate first impression, despite impressive 
appearance ).

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It is a good life we lead, brother and may it never change us. 

                                                              — Frederico Auditore.

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    “Distant enough, yes,” he agreed with a nod of his head and small smile. “Not well known.”

                                                            ˎ٨ˏ —;;
            ❝Fascinating to know.
❞ It isn’t a lie, not totally. But it isn’t the
                entire truth, either. Which, in the long run, he supposes is fine
❝I’m sure it’s beautiful.

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